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Aljannah Global Marketing Sdn Bhd (AJGM) was established in 2010, with the vision of crafting a unique beverages with high quality premium herbs. Our products are developed by Research & Development (R&D) from local university using latest technology to formulated better beverages in benefit and taste. We have 3 main product which are coffee, tea and chocolate beverages. All our products are specially mixes with Mahkota Dewa Fruit extract and selected herbs to produce a very unique taste and provide natural flavour freshness.

The factory was supported by SME Bank (one of government institution) and has been in operation since year 2010. The company's products also have received recognition and approval from Jakim Halal certification and classification as beverage products from the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).

To become a successful bumiputra company in manufacturing and marketing field, piloting the economic growth and also creating a healthy community.
Our corporate objective are to produce a high quality herbs products with moderate pricing and proide an excellent after sale services for our clients.
Official theme song "AJGM Luarbiasa Hebat"

about us

AJGM is a founder of leading herbs product "Aljannah Mahkota Dewa Coffee". Our product have been sold over many countries throughout South-East Asia.

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